HP Studio Tour

Sorry in advance for the long post and photo dump, but I had lots to talk about!
Hello all!
Yesterday I went, along with my family to the Warner Bros Studio Tour to see the Making of Harry Potter tour!
It was absolutely amazing and the sheer amount of detail included in every prop, set piece and costume was incredibly overwhelming!
I went somewhat dressed for the occasion in my pastel Deathly Hallows t-shirt worn with my mint jeans and studded flats. I would definitely recommend wearing comfortable shoes for the tour as our tour started at 5:30pm and we left about 9:30pm- but the guides said some people can spend up to 7/8 hours going around! There is so much to see!
If you live in the UK, particularly in the South East as I do this is a MUST go to for ANYONE who is a fan of the films or just the franchise in general.
Now I didn’t take all that many photos on my phone- but took about 500 pictures on my camera so I will add some more later!
If there is anything in particular that you want to see from the tour please let me know and I will try and post a picture of it!






Another thing that I’m getting excited about is the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics which starts at 9pm tonight!
I saw some clips from the dress rehearsal on the BBC website and it looks amazing! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!
So far current rumours include:
– NHS nurses
– British countryside activities
– livestock!
– and of course…RAIN! Because it just wouldn’t be British without some rain(!)

Let me know if you are planning to go to the WB studio tour or what you thought if you’ve been!
Also- what are you most looking forward to in the Olympics?