DIY City Break Maxi Skirt + Rome Update


A few weeks ago I went on a belated birthday trip to Rome for a weekend with my family!
Before we went I had been searching for a simple, pleated maxi skirt, but hadn’t found one I was willing to pay for. So I decided to make my own! I whipped it up in less than an hour using only about 1.5m of fabric and a piece of elastic. I would suggest more fabric than this depending on your size…I’m a medium and I was struggling a bit! Plus the more fabric you have, the better the gathered effect! the fabric is used was a kind of opaque synthetic with a good drape like chiffon.
Here’s my simple tutorial on how to make a maxi skirt!

First start by measuring a piece of elastic around where you want the skirt to sit i.e. waist, hips etc. Make sure that the elastic is stretched a little as this will help to create the gathered effect on the fabric! Also make sure you have enough for the elastic to be seen together at the ends.

Next make a channel for your elastic across the top of your fabric by folding over a small section. The size of this will depend on the width of your elastic, mine was about 1cm so my channel was about 2cm wide. Then sew this channel down, making sure you leave enough room to thread your elastic through.


Thread the elastic through using a safety or bobby pin- try to keep hold of both ends, I kept dropping one end and having to start again! Gather the fabric as you go. Once you’ve threaded it through pin down or stitch together at each end.

Now with your fabric fold in a seam allowance of about 2cm and stitch all the way down. This is your centre seam which will sit at the back! At this stage, try it on for size as it may need adjusting of its too big/small/tight/loose etc
I ended up having to sew a split up the back of mine because my lack of fabric meant that I was waddling when I walked 🙂 (even so, I managed to rip the split up even further when walking to dinner…oops! Darn me and my long strides ;)!
Once you’ve determined that your skirt is the right size, you can then hem it or finish as you like. I did a simple folded hem of about 1.5cm before stitching down, making sure I ironed down to ensure a nice neat finish! And voila! Simples 😉
We had a lovely, busy weekend and got to see so many beautiful sites! We also, very proudly used EVERY form of public transport available; train, bus, tram, tube… You name it 😉
Here are a few of my phone snaps, I still haven’t uploaded my camera ones yet :/ oops!






What a beautiful city! I definitely want to visit again…soon 🙂 probably for even longer to do more exploring!
If any of you try out this tutorial I’d love to see what you make! Write in the comments below and let me know what you think 🙂
J x