Puff pastry pizza

Hi all!
I haven’t posted for a while but things have been pretty hectic since I started university!
Having to cook for myself all the time now means that you sometimes have to get creative with what you eat so that you don’t end up eating supernoodles and oven chips constantly!
So here is a very basic pizza recipe which uses puff pastry for the base instead of dough. I made it last night after getting inspired on Pinterest an it’s great if you’ve got a few random ingredients leftover that you’re not ire what to do with!
I used half a pack of puff pastry that I had leftover from my homemade chicken pie.
Arrabiata pasta sauce for the base
Cheddar cheese
Chicken breast (seasoned and baked)

To prepare the base roll out the pastry and prick it in several places leaving about an inch around the edge for the crust!
Brush with melted butter or an egg wash.
Put in a preheated oven at about 180•c for about 15-20 minutes so that it is partially baked! Mine puffed up loads so I had to press it down with the fork!
After this, you can add whatever base and toppings you like and then bake for about 8-10 minutes!
Hope that you enjoy this recipe!



Lazy Brunch- eggy cheesy toast!

Here is a recipe for a lazy breakfast/brunch that is great for mornings where you can’t be bothered to spend a lot of time in the kitchen!

It’s from a recipe that I adapted from a magazine, and it’s like cheesy French toast in a way! It’s so easy and really yummy too! All you need is:
-bread (two slices or a divided roll)
-1 egg
-cheese (not sure how much but a good handful of grated cheese)
-Worcestershire sauce (just a few drops for flavour)
-milk (if required)
Time: approx 10 minutes

-First of toast one side of the bread under the grill or in my case, the wrong side of the roll for crunch!


-Next, make your egg mix! Whisk an egg in a bowl and grate your cheese into it! Add a few drops of the Worcestershire sauce for flavour or you can add a pinch of salt if you don’t have any of the sauce. Then mix well together.





With your bread toasted on one side, flip it over and prick the bread with a fork: this stops it running off the side and absorb the mixture better!
Pour the mixture onto the bread and spread with the fork- if you don’t have enough mixture add a drop of milk to the mix and a bit more cheese to stretch it out a bit!



Now pop the bread back under the grill and leave to toast until the mixture bubbles and turns golden brown! Mmmmm…:) While that is cooking have a quick tidy up an fix yourself something to drink!


Enjoy! Also let me know if you use the recipe and any adaptations you try 🙂
J x