Off to Hogwarts – School Haul!!!

So, as I’m sure is the case for many of you guys, I’m off to university for the first time this month (which is incredibly scary if you ask me!). As such, today we went on a shop to get some bits in preparation. Mainly cleaning products and bed linens! As I’ve heard that most things you buy/use as a student get ruined we tried to keep everything we bought fairly cheap! I think we did pretty well!
We bought a load of cleaning products from poundworld which I know some people may think it’s really cheap but or the most part it’s branded products and they’re £1 each!!! Can’t really go wrong there can you?
We spent about £15 on stuff for me so I should be set- especially as I will be sharing a bathroom with my fellow housemates 😛


I also managed to get a toasted sandwich maker in Argos for £4.54 and got it insured for an extra 99p which will cover me fir 3 years should I break it/drop it (fairly likely!) I love toasties so this will be good for easy meals 🙂


Primark were doing a deal on back to college bed stuff so we also got a thick duvet for under £8, mattress protector (good knows who’s slept in my dorm before me!), two fitted sheets, two pillowcases and a duvet set! All of this came to less than £25! So I’m pretty set for most stuff!


I’ve already done some kitchen shopping in ikea (genuinely one of my favourite shops, especially their food ;)!) and I got another duvet set there!

Let me know whether you’ve managed to find any bargains and what you’re plans for uni are?
J x