DIY detachable collar pattern tutorial


Hey all,
Collars are a big accessory for S/S’12 and I know there are lots of DIY tutorials on how to embellish a collar from a pre-made shirt, but as I don’t have an abundance of these hanging around, I wanted to find out how to make my own!
I managed to find a great pair of videos from SecretLifeOfaBioNerd on YouTube.
The first shows you how to draft the pattern to your own measurements, which is really great:
The second shows you how to sew the pattern together:
However I adapted this slightly as I added a collar stand with a button to fasten it and to add a more “shirt-like” look.

Collar Stand Tutorial
I made the collar stand by making a long rectangle, the length of my neck measurement + 5cm (2″ approx) and about 7.5cm (3″ approx) but this depends how thick you want your collar stand to be!
Then cut out the fabric from your drafted stand pattern, added fusible interfacing and fold in half so the stand is half the width.
Next placed your constructed collar into the fold near the top and iron down a small seam allowance on the collar stand.
Then topstitch the collar stand down at the long open edge, sandwiching the collar in between the two layers. MAKE SURE YOU PIN THIS FIRST, it saves a lot of unpicking later! 🙂
Then you will just have the two open short sides to close. I did this by tucking the ends of the collar stand in and sewing in a curved shape. I did this because I think it’s slightly more like a real shirt but you could do this with a straight edge if you want!
Finally to finish off I tried it on, marked where I wanted my button to be and sewed a simple buttonhole using my sewing machine and cut it open. I then hand stitched my button in place and voila! You’re finished!
N.B. because I only cut my collar straight it was a little bit wrinkly when I sewed it for a curved neck collar. If you want to make it really smooth, use a French curve (which I don’t have), or cut some slits into your pattern draft to add more curve. To me it didn’t really matter as the collar covers the stand when you wear it!


This is a really great simple pattern and is great if you have a lot of scraps in nice prints. My fabric was actually from Ikea and I had some scraps left from a dress I made.

I would love to see pics if any of you try this out and hear if my cobbled together collar stand pattern works for anyone else!
Happy sewing!
J x



Marina and the Diamonds- Homewrecker nails




I am a big fan of Marina and the Diamonds and with her album release around the corner she has been releasing some beautiful acoustic versions of a few of the tracks!
In the acoustic version of “Homewrecker” Marina is sporting a rather fetching set of sunflower nails on a mint base (which I am loving atm!). So I though I would do a quick tutorial on my version of the design.

First start off with a base coat to prepare the nails.


Then add the base colour, I’m using Barry M in Mint Green. I did two coats to get a nice opaque colour!


Next I used Barry M in mushroom for the centres of my flowers. Just a dot will do the trick.


Now for the petals you will either want to use an old orange stick or a cocktail stick, depending how big you want them to be/ how big your nails are. You’ll want to take your time with this (which I didn’t) and do it on a nice flat surface (which I didn’t) so that yours look neater than mine haha! The colour I used is The Wonder Yellows by craze.


Then just finish with a topcoat once it’s all dry and love life! If you haven’t heard of Marina and the Diamonds before I urge you to go and check out her music! She’s very talented… Marina and the Diamonds

J x

Invisible zip mini haul


Today I went to town and happened upon a bit of a bargain. The fabric stall that is on the market at the weekends had a massive box of invisible zips in all different colours and sizes and the best part was they were only 50p each! So being the thrifty shopper that I am I bought 10…as you do 🙂
Not sure what exactly I’ll be using some of them for yet but I’ve got some ideas of certain projects I could use them for! Namely after some inspiration I’ve had from getting the burdastyle sewing handbook for Christmas!
I also bought some very lightweight 100% silk and a printed polka dot fabric from eBay which I’m hoping I’ll get to use soon, once my deadlines for school and exams are over! Then I’ll be back to sewing for fun again! Yayyy!!!
Has anyone else bought any good bargains recently? Let me know!
J x


Knitting Headbands/earwarmers for winter :)

Hello all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I know it’s a bit late in the day, but I’m loving knitted headbands at the moment and have knitted two in the past three days, which is good for me as I rarely finish my knitting projects.

I’m going to be giving one away as a christmas gift to my auntie for when she goes doggy walking with my mum, and keep the other for myself 🙂

If you’re a quick knitter, you may be able to knit one up as a last minute pressie for any unexpected guests! The free pattern was from craftsnob and was so easy to follow:

I really liked this pattern as I was looking for one with a bit of detail, and the gathering was so easy, yet effective! I chose not to wrap the yarn around the front centre as I did not feel as though I could get that neat enough. However, I did consider making a small panel, about 6-8 stitches wide, long enough to wrap around the gathers instead. It wouldn’t be tricky.

For the blue head band, I used 7mm needles and a chunky Hayfield wool; I cast on 16 stitches which gave me a nice wide headband. (please excuse my dressing gown, it’s late here!)

For the black headband I used 5mm needles and a lovely King Cole Galaxy wool (in JUPITER) with sequins which have been very on trend! I also cast on 20 stitches as although I didn’t want the headband as thick, the sequins were weirdly dispersed at 16 stitches.

Galaxy Headband

I hope you like the headbands/earwarmer thingies and are a little inspired to try knitting yourself some. 🙂 They make a great beginners project!

J x

Outfit of the Day #1

So just running around doing errands in town today, but it wasn’t as chilly as it has been this past week. But, I was still feeling the need to be cosy and somewhat festive so I went for my (slightly itchy) fairisle jumper over a denim shirt (both Primark) and my stretchy black trousers (which are pretty much like the world’s thickest leggings with pockets :), T.K. Maxx)

OOTD 1.2

I then wore my grey loafers with the tassels on (also Primark :)) as they are so comfy for trudging around town in. To accessorise, I wore my teal gem cocktail ring (H&M, I think :/) and my new peacock feather earrings (Muse, £3, bargain!!!)

OOTD 1.3OOTD 1.4OOTD 1.5

I am loving the feather earrings trend at the moment, because as you can see, I have ridiculously small ears, so feathers still make a statement, without dragging my earlobes down haha!

Let me know what you think of this outfit and whether I should do any more of these, J x

Glitter tips

Christmas party season is rolling around again and your nails are just as much a part of your outfit as any accessory.

Here’s a simple tip for adding a bit of sparkle which can be used with any base coat colour…Glittery tips 🙂

You will need:

  • Base coat
  • Nail varnish- whatever colour you like, any should work
  • Glitter polish- for the sparkly tips 🙂
  • Top Coat
Nail varnish for glitter tips

First you can apply your normal base coat, the one I use is a 3 in 1 hardener, base and topcoat from salon system at sally’s. Once that had dried, I added my coloured coat, a nice nude from H&M called Taupe. I love this one, it was only about £1 because it’s only a 7ml bottle, but it seems to be lasting alright. After your first coat has dried, add another to make sure your colour is nice and opaque.

Adding the glitter polish

Next you need to use the glittery polish on the tips, do this by working slowly and smoothly on the very tips of your nails. if you don’t have a very steady hand then you can use nail stencils that will guide you, but make sure your nails are totally dry before sticking them down. The glittery polish I’m using is L.A. Colors color craze in Sassy Sparkle. Personally, I like to go for a neutral colour because then it’s easier to match it to any base coat, so mine is mainly white based.

Glittery Tips

Now all you have to do to finish that off is to apply a top coat (this is where I used my 3 in 1 again), wait for that to dry and then you’re ready to party! woop woop 🙂

Let me know whether this was of any use to anyone at all in the comments or send me a pic of your nails 🙂 Sorry the pics aren’t very good, my light was bad…

Have a great weekend, J x

Is there anybody out there…? + Soggy Uggs

Soooo, this is my first blog post…ever. Bit daunting.

I had thought about the sort of things I wanted to say, but now. Haha!

I suppose this blog will be about all the things I like doing:

  • shopping (especially bargain hunting)
  • sewing (which I want to get better at)
  • dancing and just chilling, really.
Soggy Uggs
I’ve just been out on a dog walk, in pretty standard British weather…rain, of course!
Despite the fact it is nearly June, (although for all I know, this could be summer!) I resorted to wearing a coat and my ugg boots which are now nice and wet!
Oh well, I don’t know why I expected anything else from the UK!
Soggy Uggs