Marina and the Diamonds- Homewrecker nails




I am a big fan of Marina and the Diamonds and with her album release around the corner she has been releasing some beautiful acoustic versions of a few of the tracks!
In the acoustic version of “Homewrecker” Marina is sporting a rather fetching set of sunflower nails on a mint base (which I am loving atm!). So I though I would do a quick tutorial on my version of the design.

First start off with a base coat to prepare the nails.


Then add the base colour, I’m using Barry M in Mint Green. I did two coats to get a nice opaque colour!


Next I used Barry M in mushroom for the centres of my flowers. Just a dot will do the trick.


Now for the petals you will either want to use an old orange stick or a cocktail stick, depending how big you want them to be/ how big your nails are. You’ll want to take your time with this (which I didn’t) and do it on a nice flat surface (which I didn’t) so that yours look neater than mine haha! The colour I used is The Wonder Yellows by craze.


Then just finish with a topcoat once it’s all dry and love life! If you haven’t heard of Marina and the Diamonds before I urge you to go and check out her music! She’s very talented… Marina and the Diamonds

J x


2 thoughts on “Marina and the Diamonds- Homewrecker nails

  1. I actually prefer using the round end of a bobby pin instead of a coctail stick (which I used to use, until I discovered bobbypins) because they tent to produce a much more round petal-shape.

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