Knitting Headbands/earwarmers for winter :)

Hello all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I know it’s a bit late in the day, but I’m loving knitted headbands at the moment and have knitted two in the past three days, which is good for me as I rarely finish my knitting projects.

I’m going to be giving one away as a christmas gift to my auntie for when she goes doggy walking with my mum, and keep the other for myself šŸ™‚

If you’re a quick knitter, you may be able to knit one up as a last minute pressie for any unexpected guests! The free pattern was from craftsnob and was so easy to follow:

I really liked this pattern as I was looking for one with a bit of detail, and the gathering was so easy, yet effective! I chose not to wrap the yarn around the front centre as I did not feel as though I could get that neat enough. However, I did consider making a small panel, about 6-8 stitches wide, long enough to wrap around the gathers instead. It wouldn’t be tricky.

For the blue head band, I used 7mm needles and a chunky Hayfield wool; I cast on 16 stitches which gave me a nice wide headband. (please excuse my dressing gown, it’s late here!)

For the black headband I used 5mm needles and a lovely King Cole Galaxy wool (in JUPITER) with sequins which have been very on trend! I also cast on 20 stitches as although I didn’t want the headband as thick, the sequins were weirdly dispersed at 16 stitches.

Galaxy Headband

I hope you like the headbands/earwarmer thingies and are a little inspired to try knitting yourself some. šŸ™‚ They make a great beginners project!

J x


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